Napoleon’s China

Napoleon’s China

1f, 1m, 1 singer

Written with Ann Haskell and Rebecca Newton

Claire is on a cyclone-like campaign against a past that is threatening to sink her. She is a mosaist who is breaking antique china that has been in her family for generations and using it to cover tables, vases, walls–every surface in sight. She is contemplating breaking and using the china Napoleon took to Elba, which belonged to her great, great, great, great, great, great, grandmother Josephine. Naturally, the proposed destruction of Napoleon’s historically significant dinnerware horrifies Shepard, the historian who lives across the hall. Will Claire break the china? Will Shep break Claire’s heart? A play about history, the way we hide it and hide from it, and the way we carry it.

Premiere Production: Salt Lake City Acting Company

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