The Release of a Live Performance

The Release of a Live Performance

2f, 2m

A young man who sows his wild oats is a small hero—every woman he beds is a medal. The more medals, the bigger the hero. But a woman who does the same? Not a hero. The exact opposite. Some things never change. Nell has fallen so deeply in love with Brent that every man she sees reminds her of him. Sleeping with every man who reminds her of him—which is every man—is an act of love and belief for her. But that’s not the way the world sees it. Her sister Coco comes back to their childhood home in Texas to rescue her, but Nell doesn’t want rescuing. She wants to be alive. And then two men arrive who may be everything both sisters have been dreaming of. Nell will have to choose between the perfect, vivid life of obsession and the every-day world where love is less destructive, less powerful, but real.

Premiere Production: Brass Tacks Theatre

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