Three Quarter Inches of Sky

Three Quarter Inches of Sky
2f, 1m

The doctors said Trula’s 90 year old father’s memory was fading, he had at best two years left. So Trula moved him in with her. It’s worked out fine—in some ways. He watches old movies all day, and Trula loves watching them with him when she can. But year after year, his memory isn’t getting worse. On the one hand, that’s wonderful. And on the other hand? Trula has another problem. And it’s not just that her father will eat only chicken pot pies and they’ve stopped making the one brand he will eat.

A play about how we carry our memories, and how they carry us.


Rude Mechs Rude Fusion, Austin, TX
New Harmony Project Reading
Playwrights Center Core Workshop
Dorset Theatre Festival Workshop Reading

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