Sherry Kramer teaches playwriting with an audience-centric point of view: the play takes place in the audience. She leads workshops as short as 90 minutes, as long as three weeks.


Michener Center for Writers, University of Texas at Austin
Visiting Associate Professor Spring Semester 2017
Masters level study in multi-discipline writing program (playwriting, fiction, poetry, screenwriting)
Studies Class: The Perception Shift


The Magical Object: Visual Metaphor
Alternative History: Choice and Consequence
The Perception Shift (this is a three week workshop)

The Magical Object and Alternative History are workshops that generate plays; the Perception Shift is more helpful in a rewriting context, as it’s a class about pattern recognition—how to recognize how a play self-organizes. Most of her classes address how meaning is generated.

She currently teaches at Bennington College, and often at The University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop, where she has served as head of the Workshop, and at the Michener Center for Writers, University of Texas, at Austin.

Other places she’s taught playwriting:

New Dramatists
Northwestern University
Carnegie Mellon University MFA Program
Catholic University
A.S.K. Theatre Project

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